ZEROW-L.F. Bolus & Suspension
A Broad Spectrum Anthelmintic

Eradicate the resistant and mixed worm infestation with either ZEROW-L.F. bolus or suspension.

COMPOSITION Each Bolus Each 100ml.of Susp.
Oxyclozanide IP 4.5gm 6.00% w/v
Albendazole IP 3.0gm 4.00% w/v
Excipients qs qs


Oxyclozanide : Effective against Mature and immature Liverfluke, Amphistomes and Para-amphistomes.

Albendazole : Effective against Round Worms, Tape Worms & Lung Worms. Effectively removes both adult and larval stage of major ruminant parasites such as Haemonchus, Ostertagia, Trichostrongylus (HOT), Cooperia, Bunostomum, Oesophagsotomum and Dictyocaulus, Nematodirus, Trichostrongylus.


1.) Eliminate liver flukes (mature & immature both), Amphistomes and Para-amphistomes along with Round worms, Lungworm and Tape worm.
2.) Provide Convenience of Deworming and administration to different body weight animals in suspension form.

Dosage :-
1.) One bolus of Zerow-L.F. in large animal (400 kg B.W.)
2.) 25 ml. Zerow-L.F. suspension per 100 kg body weight.

Presentation :- Strip of one bolus & Suspension in 100 ml. bottle.