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MAVIL Bolus and Injection

Mavil is a brand name of Pheniramine Maleate. MAVIL is available first time in BOLUS form. Veterinarians are facing problem to find an effective veterinary drug in oral form for treating animals.

Composition :-

Each Bolus Contains

Pheniramine Maleate IP 250 mg
Excipients qs

Mavil Inj vet 20 ml Vial
Each ml contains: -

Pheniramine Maleate IP 22.75mg
Water for Injection IP qs


• Mavil has rapid and prolonged action up to 8-12 hours.
• Mavil is an antihistaminic with low C.N.S. depressant action.
• Mavil is a time tested antihistaminic.

Mavil Bolus

1.) Can be given during treatment of infections along with antibiotics. To check any reaction either due to infection or reactions of antibiotic.

2.) Drug of choice to check allergic reactions of chemicals given as a drug since they are chemotherapeutic agents and may cause allergic reaction.

3.) Helps animals in Ruminal Acidosis when given along with Ruminotoric.

4.) Can be given while animal suffering from irritation, itching and stress due to unknown reasons.

Urticaria, Itching, Laminitis, Mastitis, Metritis, Retained placenta, Toxaemia, Ruminal acidosis

Dosage :
1 Bolus twice a day for large animals, orally
5-10ml for large animal, I/M or I/V

Strip of 4bolus
20 ML vial