SPASDIC VET Bolus & Injection

Antispasmodic, Analgesic, Anti inflammatory and supportive Anti Diarrhoeal.


Contains Each Bolus Each ml of Injection
Pitofenone hydrochloride 25mg 2mg
Fenpiverinium bromide 0.2mg 0.02mg
Piroxicame IP 200mg 10mg

Description : Intense contraction of involuntary muscle in hollow organ. There are a variety of other causes of involuntary muscle contractions, which may be more serious. Spasm may be caused by Calculi, Inflammation, Allergy or disturbance of the Autonomic Nervous System.

Colic : An episodic pain due to spasms of smooth muscle in a particular organ e.g. bile duct, or may be caused by increased peristalsis in intestine, billiary and urogenital tract. Spasdic vet is a true Anti Spasmodic, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Antipyretic and a better choice as supportive Antidiarrheal.

Pitofenone Hcl : In Spasdic vet is an antispasmodic compound. Pitofenone has direct relaxant effect on smooth muscles.

Fenpiverinium Bromide : In Spasdic vet has anticholinergic activity which prevents acetylcholine induced contractions.

Piroxicam : Potentiates the action of antispasmodic drugs and provides relief from pain, inflammation, fever and contractions. Piroxicam controls prostaglandin therefore contractions of smooth muscles are reduced and thus reduces pain and inflammation. Due to the combination of these three components which have different actions. They reinforce the spasmolytic effect of each other.

Indication : Spasdicvet is indicated in all painful conditions of livestock and especially those associated with spasm of smooth muscles.

• Colic: - A. Intestinal Colic B. Billiary Colic C. Renal Colic
• Gastrointestinal Spasm
• Diarrhoea & Dysentery
• Prolapse of Uterus
• After Dystocia

Dose Injection Bolus
Large Animal 20-30ml 1 Bolus
Small Animal 1ml/15 kg BW 1/4 -1/2
Route I/M orally

Presentation :
Strip of 4 bolus
Inj. – 30 ml Vial.