DUDH EX Bolus & Suspension

Dudh EX is a Herbal Animal Feed Supplement helps in Letting down of milk and Increase milk production. Dudh EX is basically a non hormonal composition based on herbs, Vitamins and Minerals. Dudh Ex ensures the animal stress free and having Mammogenic & Glactogauge actions.

COMPOSITION:- Each Bolus / 50ml Suspension Contains:

Chandrasur 500 mg Jivanti 1750 mg
Nagarmotha 500 mg Calcium 1000 mg
Kalonji 500 mg Phosphorous 750 mg
Vidarikand 500 mg Vitamin A 8000 IU
Jatamansi 750 mg Vitamin D3 1000 IU
Shatavari 1000 mg Vitamin E 50 mg

- Non Hormonal, Herbal Oxytocic with essential Vitamins, Minerals & Natural Nutrients.
- No side effect
- No habit formation
- Mammogenic action
- Lactogenic activity
- Stimulates Glactogauge activity.
- Dudh Ex is available in Bolus & as well as in Suspension forms

Role of Ingredients

Chandrasur :-
- Increase Milk content
- Glactogauge & Emmenagogue action

Nagarmotha :-
- Improves milk quality
- Increase milk production
- Strengthen mammary glands
- Helps in letdown of milk
- Nervine tonic, Removes anxiety & stress

Kalonji :-
- Activates excretory activity of teat, mammary glands and hence help in flow of milk also
- Develops mammary glands for lactogenesis

Vidarikand :-
- Promotes lactation & increase milk production
- Boost immunity
- Balance hormone

Jatamansi :-
- Is a nervine tonic
- Maintains the flow of blood circulation
- Relieve the pain, stress, irritation of nerve cells
- Reduces the stress & anxiety during milking

Shatavari :-
Increases milk production
Keep tissue of mammary & endocrine glands healthy
A potent galactogogue & immunomodulant action give high immune status

Jivanti :-
Herbal galactogogue, having oxytocin effect

Shatavari, Jivanti & Vidarikand have synergistic effect

Calcium & Phosphorus :-
Require to meet additional demand during early stages of lactation & ascending phase of milk production.

Vitamin A:-
Deficiency may produce low milk

Vitamin D3:-
Concerned with hormones for secretion & control of calcium & Phosphorus metabolism

Vitamin E :-
Requirement of vitamin E is more during lactation. Milk is considered as a rich source of vitamin E

- Helps in let down of milk
- To increase milk production
- To improve quality & quantity of milk
- Inhibit involution of alveolobular and milk ducts
- To strengthen the tissue of uterus, mammary glands & endocrine glands
- To relieve pain , inflammation, irritation and congestion in udder

Dosage :- Bolus/ Suspension : One bolus / 50 ml one hour before milking at least for 7 days (Twice a day).

Note: - Animal habitual to oxytocin should be stopped by tapering off the drug, after supplementation of Dudh Ex.

Presentation: - Strip of 4 Bolus and Suspension in 1200 ml. bottle.