(BUDSUVet topical spray)

First time in Indian veterinary industry

New fast acting analgesic, anti inflammatory & antirheumatic

Composition : Each ml contains
Piroxicam .5%
Menthol 2%
Linseed oil 3%
Methyl salicylate 10%

(BUDSUVET) spray topical spray block cyclooxyginae thus prevents production of prostaglandin results in reduction of pain & inflammation.
(BUDSUVET) spray topical spray have peripheral analgesic action, along with central analgesic action.
It improves elasticity of cell, reduce redness, swelling & itching.

Benefits :-
1. Acute to moderate pain of musculoskeletal origin
2. Arthritis, Laminitis, Joint Pain
3. Soft Tissue Pain
4. Sprain, Tendinitis

Administration -
Apply by forming thin films 3-4 times daily to the affected area

Packing -
100 ml spray bottle