Aim of

• To achieve the satisfaction of our customers.
• Introduce products accordance with the market needs.
• To foster a better understanding of Indian products amongst the veterinary profession
• To promote good relations between employers and employees
• To promote the manufacture of high quality finished pharmaceutical products and use raw materials in accordance with good manufacturing practice
• To encourage a high standard of quality of all products manufactured by members through collection and circulation of useful information and the provision of advice.
• To encourage friendliness and unity among the members.
• To improves the level of service provided through constant communication with the suppliers & providing all informations as for our customers requirements.

Our Team at Your Service
The well being of animals and people is at the heart of Sushima business. Our team working hard to ensure products availability in Macro and Micro interior of operational area where our most of the customers exists.

Field Force
Field Force trained by well experience training team. Our dedicated Field Force strength is to meet customers and provide services present in the remote areas (Micro interior) across entire operational area.

• Presence in 11 states
• New launched states – Himachal Pradesh & Chandigarh
• Newly states to be launched shortly: Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab and Orrisa
• 17+ Products in 26 dosage form
• 300+Field Force