PLUTUNE Bolus & Suspension

Animal Feed Supplement with Vitamins, Minerals and Natural Nutrients to help Expulsion of Retained Placenta & Involution of Uterus.
Plutune is a Perfect Ecbolic Non -Hormonal, Uterine Tonic & Cleanser.

Each Bolus/50 ml suspension contains:

Dasmool 450mg Bhardwaji 300mg
Manjeeth 450mg Nagarmotha 300mg
Mandook Parni 450mg Jatamansi 300mg
Kala Jeeri 450mg Calcium 600mg
Asoka 300mg Phosphorous 300mg
Pipplamool 300mg Vitamin A 2000 IU
Indrajo 300mg Vitamin D3 3000 IU
Methi 300mg Vitamin E 50mg
Kalonji 300mg    

Benefits of Plutune Herbs:

• Optimize uterine contraction for complete expulsion of Placenta.
• Separate maternal cotyledons without bleeding or tissue damage.
• Cleans the Uterus completely, hence prevents Meteritis, Endometeritis and Pyometra.
• Strengthens and tones up the Uterus.
• Ensure onset and regulate oestrus cycle.
• Prevent infection and zygote mortality
• Ensure complete involution of Uterus


Calcium : Calcium is important for Uterine muscle contraction. Low level of calcium may contribute to Retained Placenta resulting in uterine infection and also delay uterine involution. Calcium meets the energy requirement after parturition in dairy animals and prevents hypocalcaemia and milk fever & ensures uterine involution.

Phosphorous : Enhances reproductive performance at several stages of reproductive cycle And increase rebreeding efficiency of dairy animals.

Vitamins :

Vitamin A : Is important to maintain and repairing of epithelial tissues, which line the interior of organs.
Vitamin E : supplementation has frequently been shown to reduce the incidence of Retained Placenta and degeneration of ovary.
Vitamin D3 : Needed for absorption of calcium & phosphorous and immune factor.

Plutune Bolus : Bolus is a new concept in Ecbolic segment. Plutune Bolus offers unique advantages- Feeding bolus is convenient especially to Buffaloes, save time & labour and also prevents chances of Drenching Pneumonia.

Dosage : Cow and Buffalo

3 Bolus or 150ml twice a day for first two days (1 & 2 Day)
2 Bolus or 100ml twice a day for next three days (3 , 4 & 5 Day)

Presentation : Box of 2x12Bolus & 1200 ml Bottle of suspension