Niltik liquid dip concentrate

Ectoparasites like ticks, mites , lices & keds leads to loss of animal productivity & reproductivity. “ an effective solution against ectoparasites ’’

Niltik dip concentrate
Composition : Amitraz I.P 12.5% w/v

Benefits :-
“Niltik” an effective solution against vast variety of ectoparasites like ticks, mites, lices, manges etc.
Niltik affects nervous system of ectoparasites , leads to paralysis of ectoparasites and ultimately leads to death.
Niltik is an effective solution against strains resistant to organochlorines, organophosphates and synthetic pyrethroids.

Species niltik 12.5% per lt. of water
Cattle / camel 2ml
Sheep / goats 4ml
Pigs 4ml
Dogs 2ml for ticks
3-4ml for mange, mites & lices
Prepare fresh solution on the day of administration using clean water , if needed repeat after 7 days
Route : Topically
Presentation 6ml, 15ml and 50ml pack
Niltik Niltik