BUDSU VET Bolus & Injection

Analgesic, Antipyretic & Anti inflammatory Drug with latest NSAID Piroxicam of Oxicam group in Veterinary field.


Contains   Each ml.of Injection Each bolus
Piroxicam IP 10mg 200mg
Paracetamol IP 150mg 2500mg
Benzyle Alcohal (as preservative) IP 85.20mg --
Water for injection IP -- qs --
Excipients -- -- q.s


Piroxicam : Piroxicam exerts action by inhibiting prostonoids synthesis including prostaglandin leading to decreased production of Prostaglandins.

Due to multi mode of action, Piroxicam is highly effective as analgesic, anti-inflammatory; since it is highly anti arthritic makes Piroxicam far superior to many NSAIDs.

Paracetamol : Paracetamol is an antipyretic, anti inflammatory and mild analgesic. Fever is inhibited by reducing of indigenous pyrogen on the hypothalamic heat regulating centre.

1. Budsu vet reduces Pain, inflammation and fever.
2. Budsu vet is absorbed fast and ensures rapid action; therefore, it is a first drug of choice as analgesic for Veterinarians.
3. Piroxicam is dissolved in synovial fluid; therefore Budsu vet is a drug of choice for joint pain, arthritis, laminitis and rheumatoid fever.


• Supportive therapy with antibiotic.
• Etiological or non-etiological fever, pain & inflammation.
• Post-operative or traumatic pain & fever.
• Acute or chronic pain.
• Acute musculo-skeletal disorder.
• Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.


BUDSU Vet Bolus : Adult cattle 1 bolus /400 B.W Twice a day, orally
BUDSU Vet Injection : Cattle 1ml/15kg body weight once a day, I/M (20-30ml/adult cattle)
Precaution : Over dose of Paracetamol may be injurious to liver.


BUDSU Vet Bolus : Strip of 4 Bolus
BUDSU Vet Injection : 30 ml vial for Injection.