Effective Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Even On Short Exposure

Povidone iodine 5%
Metronidazole 1%

Repeat breeding is common problem among cattles and buffaloes due to different types of microorganism and dairy farmers get continuous loss of economy and productivity also ruminants suffers too. To treat repeat breeding effectively sushima pharmaceuticals presents u-tone-IU liqud.
U-tone-I.U liquid have Positive and Determinant effects on reproductive performance of animals and helps in removal of metritis , endometritis & pyometra and ensure for early oestrous of ruminants.

Advantages :-
1. u-tone iu liquid is highly effective on wide varieties of Bacteria and large virus
2. Determinant result in Endometritis & puerperal Metritis
3. Highly effective on anaerobic Microbes

Indications :-
1. Repeat Breeding
2. Bovine Pyometra, Endometritis and Puerperal Metritis
3. Retention of Placenta
4. Prolapse of Uterus
5. Genital Tract Infections

60 ml Intra uterine for 3 days

Packing -
60 ml Intra uterine for 3 days