Garbhov Bolus is a feed supplement with essential Vitamins, Minerals and Natural Nutrients (Herbs) for help in inducing heat and regulating oestrus cycle.

Finely coordinated sequences of physiological events that lead to oestrus and ovulation. But, failure of any single functional event leads to infertility, failure to produce off-spring. Garbhov Bolus is a combination of Natural Nutrients (Herbs) with Vitamins & Minerals to stimulate and regulate ovarian function.

COMPOSITION: - Each Uncoated Bolus Contains:

Kalonji 900 mg
Ghee Kwar 600 mg
Indrayan 1200 mg
Nakuli 1200 mg
Heerabol 400 mg
Harmal 300 mg
Vitamin A 8000 IU
Vitamin E 100 mg
Selenium 01 mg
Copper 80 mg
Cobalt 40 mg
Iron 80 mg
Iodine 40 mg
Calcium 200 mg
Phosphorus 100 mg

Garbhov Bolus:

- Develop and ensures healthy reproductive organs.
- Activate ovaries to produce reproductive hormone and induce heat (oestrus cycle) & release ova.
- Regulate oestrus cycle
- Improve uterine secretions
- Prevents degenerative changes in Reproductive organs
- Balance hormonal functions
- Improve myometrial contraction
- Increase uterine blood flow
- Improve Reproductive immune system

Role of Herbs:

- Blood moving powers to purge stagnant blood from the uterus.
- Regulate oestrus cycle.

- Causes Irritation to the mucous membrance hence initiate contractions.

- Nutritional value for Uro – Genital organs.
- Induce heat.
- Regulate heat cycle.
- Increase uterine secretions.
- Increase uterine contractions.

Ghee Kwar:
- Rejuvenating.
- Relieve pain during heat cycle.
- Corrects disturbed heat cycle.
- Strengthens sexual organs.

Nakuli : Stimulated uterine contractions.

- Regulate heat cycle.
- Promotes heat cycle.

Vitamin A
- Deficiency may cause retarded ovulation.

Vitamin E
- Deficiency likely to hamper the process of normal reproduction.
- In deficiency degenerative chances takes place in ovaries and uterus.

- Deficiency may cause reproductive disorder.
- Reduced uterine contractions
- Cystic ovaries.

Copper :
- Delayed/ Depressed estrus

Cobalt :
- Deficiency associated with impaired reproductive function.

Iron :
- High affinity for oxygen which is utilised in the oxidation process for the release of energy.

- Iodine deficiency is illustrated by manifestation of infertility.
- Absorbed Iodine is readily dispersed from the plasma from where it is transported to the thyroid gland for release of hormone.

- Uterus,blood vessels, bladder are line with smooth muscle fibres having contractive actions. This contraction & relaxation process is dependent upon calcium decrease or increase within the cells.
- Deficiency may cause infertility.
- Deficiency may cause impaired energy metabolism.

Phosphorus: Deficiency may cause:-
- Infertility
- Impaired energy metabolism

Minerals like Calcium, Phosphorous, Copper, Zinc and Iron plasma level need to be sufficiently higher at the time of estrus.
Hence, Anoestrus or irregular estrus cycles in cows may result from number of factors including nutritions.

Dose: Cow /Buffaloes
1 Bolus daily for 8 days (Repeat same dose, if required)

Presentation : Strip of 8 Bolus & Box of 5 strips