zerow-C.L.FInjection Veterinary

Single shot dual purpose endectocide with power of clorsulon.

Zerow c.l.f
Eradicate liver fluke, trematodes, nematodes and ectoparasites.

Composition : Each ml contains
Clorsulon 100mg
Ivermectin 10mg
Propylene glycol q.s

Zerow clf rapidly absorbed into circulatory system. Binds with erythrocytes and inhibits enzymes in glycolytic pathway of blood sucking trematodes , liver flukes nematodes leading to death of endoparasites. Zerow clf also effects nervous system of nematodes & ectoparasites leading to paralysis and ultimately death of parasites. Zerow clf have wide safety margin against breeding and lactating animals.

Indicaations :-
1. Liver fluke infestation
2. Amphistomes , para-amphistomes & other trematodes
3. Ticks, mites,lices, hornflies, cattle grubs
4. Strongyles & other nematodes
5. Genital Tract Infections

1ml/ 50 kg b. wt of animals in cattle/ buffaloes, sheep/goats & other nematodes.

Route -

Presentation -
10 ml vial with 10 ml disposable syringe