Anti-infective with proteolytic effect

After parturition CERVIX remain open for long time and UTERUS get infected results in reproductivity and productivity loss
Eradicate infections and to prevent Reproductivity and Productivity loss with u-tone- iu bolus

Composition : Each bolus contains
Nitrofurazone 60 mg
Urea 6 gm
Metronidazole 100 mg

Benefits :-
1. Rapid Absorption
2. Good antimicrobial activity
3. Non irritant
4. Proteolytic and Antiseptic

Indicaations :-
After parturition to clean uterine waiste
2. During anoestrous condition
3. During metritis, endometritis and pyometra

1st 4 bolus I.U.
2nd and 3rd day 2 Bolus ( at interval of 24 hrs)

Packing -
4 bolus in strip and pack of 2 strip