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India is an agricultural centric country. All the other sectors are dependent on it. It provides basic necessities for our day to day life to work smoothly. The collaboration of Animal Husbandry and agriculture not just promotes organic farming but also improves quality and quantity in general. Such an integration, if wouldn't have been possible without proper cooperation & coordinate from Veterinary Doctors. This contribution towards the process is magnificent. Where so many national and multinational Veterinary Pharmaceuticals companies have given so many products for the welfare of our cattle farmers and their animals.

We all agree that our Veterinarians job is very tough. They give treatment to those who can't express their feelings and pain in words like us.Most of the times they visit rural areas, whether it is chilly o winter, 45 hot summer or rainy season. The one and only person who realize the feeling and pain in such harsh weather conditions is …….


All this motivates and inspires us to contribute animal health sector, that makes us proud to be a part of this industry and to do something much better and innovative for our Animal Health Industry, where our highly learned, qualified and dedicated Veterinarians giving their valuable time & services for treating animals, saving lives without compromising on quality of the product.Personally, we thank to all the Veterinary Doctors for providing excellent services.

Last but not the least we would like to thank Honorable Dr. S.Huda, without whom it would not have been possible to put our step forward in the Animal Health Industry and launching "SUSHIMA PHARMACEUTICALS PRIVATE LIMITED". Under the leadership of our Honorable MD, Mr. Piyush Goel.